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State Police Museum Time Wall Scene of the Crime Helicopter Trooper Dan

Delaware State Police Museum

The museum is open to the public and we invite you to stop by and visit us.

Scene of the Crime

The State Police investigate and solve crimes throughout the State of Delaware.

The Delaware State Police was founded in 1920

Here you'll find 96 years of State Police history.

State Police Helicopter

The Delaware State Police helicopter aids in delivering service to its citizens.

Trooper Dan

Trooper Dan is an integral part of our outreach to the community youth.

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Civilian Recognition

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To Former and Retired Delaware State Police Civilian Employees:

The Delaware State Police Museum has completed an initiative to recognize former and retired civilian employees who served the Division. You helped make the agency what it is today. Your employment history will be included in the Museum’s Roll Call Kiosk in an icon titled “Civilians Who Served”. Your information, as detailed in the registration form, will be included in the Roll Call, preserving your history and service with the Division. 

If you would like to be recognized for your service to the Division, please complete the below registration form and send it to the Museum.  In addition to the registration form, you can also submit a photograph and Word document detailing an expanded account of your personal and work history.

The completed form can be mailed to the DSP Museum at P.O. Box 430, Dover, DE 19903 or emailed to DSP_Museum@state.de.us – note the underscore between DSP and Museum.

Click here to download the Civilian Recognition Form.

Civilian Employees


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